Israel, Palestine, and Jordan

Check here for updates on our trip.

Hillary and I will keep this up to date the best we can.

Evan and Hillary Christensen

Day one: Traveling There

I type this to you while waiting at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC. Our flight boards in about 15 minutes for the first leg of the trip to Instanbul. From there we have a brief layover before connecting to Tel Aviv. Our first night in Israel will be basically on the Mediterranean coast.

Hillary and I are both so excited for this adventure. It is my first time flying overseas (let alone more than a couple hours). It is Hillary’s first time flying overseas since going to Europe in high school. Amazingly we packed relatively light by our standards, so hopefully we will have room for souvenirs.

its getting time to board soo , so I need to wrap this up. I will hopefully update with a brief itinerary when we are in Istanbul or settled in Tel Aviv. Thank you for your support and prayers!

Peace & Blessings,

Evan and Hill

Update We just got through customs in Israel!

Update Two Finally a real post…

Greetings from Tel Aviv. I was hoping to share a photo from our room, but it is currently storming something wild. Aside from the above, there is little to share aside from the flights/travel from US to Israel. Our first leg was a great flight with very little “extra” things happening by way of turbulence. the inflight food was surprisingly tasty. The same was true for the drink selection. Based off this flight I would highly suggest flying Turkish Airlines from DC to Istanbul. 

The second leg of our trip was not as smooth. Though only an hour and a half flight, the jump from Istanbul to Tel Aviv was on an even larger plane. I would guess over 400 passengers. (52 rows by 9 seats per row, minus a handful for the tail, business, and first class.) We were served food again on this flight. It was certified to meet Muslim dietary standards and included a cheese sandwich, a grilled chicken salad lemon olive oil dressing, and an apple bread cake. As nice as the food as, the flight was more memorable. I am sure this was not the worst turbulence a plan could face, but we are  fairly certain lightning struck the plane as we were beginning our descent. A bright flash outside, followed by a BOOM, and a shake of the cabin startled everyone! Of course, you can figure how the adventure ended, you are reading these words I typed after a welcomed landing. 

We made it through customs with barely any trouble, which was surprising to many of the more veteran fliers in our group. Nearly all of us got. “Welcome, is this your first time? What is your business? How long are you here? Have a good time.” Even collecting our checked bags went off without a hitch. 

As I type this I am listening to our tour guide. I should have paid more attention because I cannot recall his name now, but he is lively, informative, and so far wonderful. He is an Israeli citizen and practicing Christian. He brings a unique perspective to our pilgrimage here. It has rained most of December and now January here, and has not let up for the last two days. Our guide says  supposed to let up tomorrow as we start exploring,  but he also explained how thankful the people of th land are for the thirsty land. Because it is night and rainy, sightseeing so far has been the bustling city of Tel Aviv. It is the second largest city to 400,000, but it is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live. Think New York City. It was founded in 1909, decades before the Israeli state, and is the business and tech center of Israel. It tends to be much more secular and progressive than Jerusalem. 

Well, we just arrived to our hotel, so I am singing off for tonight. I don’t think I could have planned it better. 

Grace and peace,

Evan and Hillary

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