#1 – Summer Camp to Seminary

Note: The idea of a blog was suggested by many coworkers in the months leading up to the last day of school. After much contemplation, Hillary and I think it would be a good idea to keep in contact with the many communities who have invested in us. So, a huge thank you to all who take time to check in on our adventures!

On Friday (5/25/18), Hillary and I closed our second and final year as teachers (well, public educators). We are so grateful to Elkhorn for the opportunity to teach wonderful students for two years. The lessons, memories, and experiences will carry forward to wherever God call’s us. While we may not be teaching in the school setting anymore, we are learning to be teachers in a different sense. Looking at Christ and his role of teacher as an example, Hillary and I are answering God’s call to public ministry.

Beginning in August, we will call Gettysburg, Pennsylvania home for the the next three/four years. Here we will attend United Lutheran Seminary (ELCA) to earn Masters of Divinity and enter rostered ministry, eventually becoming ordained minsters of word and sacrament. Our seminary experience begins with a summer language intensive (Greek) from August 6th-24th. Fun fact, this actually takes place in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Then onto a full semester of Biblical studies, pastoral work, and theology. But, all the fun of moving to a new town and beginning school again isn’t for another nine weeks.

In the mean time, Hillary and I are working at summer camp again. Hillary and I have served 10 summers between the two of us at Carol Joy Holling Camp (and Conference, and Retreat center) a ministry of Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. 2018 marks a sixth summer for each of us, and our first as members of the program team. Together we fill the role of Interim Associate Program Director. We are excited to serve in this capacity, helping the counselors, specialists, and site-coordinator staff be the best servant leaders they can! It is also a great opportunity for us to practice working in ministry together, something that will be useful to us working together in the future. We are also going to the National Youth Gathering in Huston in late June (30,000 Lutheran high school youth and adults worshipping, serving, and living out faith together).

The last year (or two), have been wild. We started teaching and got married, my side of the family had some significant adjustments, we adopted our amazing cat, Buffy, we began candidacy, resigned from teaching, moved three times, and expanded our board game collection significantly. I suppose what I am trying to say is we have enjoyed every minute of it (even the difficult stuff) and thank God for all. Thank you to you as well for taking time to read this ramble.

Let us know if there is anything else you would like to know about Seminary, Gettysburg, what exactly we’re doing for the next four years, summer camp, or want to talk about board games. Or, if you just want to chat.

Peace to you my friend,


3 thoughts on “#1 – Summer Camp to Seminary

  1. You have been a true blessing to Carol Joy Holling, and it is so exciting to know you are following God’s call to ministry. Prayers as you continue to seek God’s will.


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